9 Tips How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

lose weight without exercises

Today I am going to hit you up with nine tips for losing all the weight, without going to the gym.

If you are ready to let’s tear into those nine tips.

lose weight without exercise

Tip #1. Tear up your gym membership.
OK, so this is a little controversial, so let me explain. First, let me be clear; I am not suggesting that exercise is not beneficial or that we should not all be doing some. We absolutely should. Personally, I love exercising, but not everyone does. Exercise is great for stress relief, blood sugar control, blood pressure, and the cardiovascular system, for muscles, joints, tendons. You name it; exercise helps it. What’s exercise is not particularly useful at is burning calories.If you have ever checked out one of those exercise calorie counters that show you how many calories you burn doing various exercises and activities, you will already know how depressingly long you need to work to burn just a few hundred calories. You can spend half an hour on a stationary bike busting your ass, and you will burn fewer calories than are found in the donut you treat yourself to after your workout. Bottom line, if you hate exercising and your primary goal is to lose weight, you can make much quicker progress by focusing on what happens in the kitchen, rather in the gym.

Tip #2: Do the Easy Stuff First.
There is a lot of opportunities for most of us to reduce our caloric intake fairly significantly, without actually having to do anything dramatic. So for example, Replace calorie-rich beverages with low-calorie or zero calorie ones.Eat more slowly (so you will feel full faster), and decline seconds. If this hard for you, try reading something or watching T.V. while you eat – because distraction will make you eat more slowly. Reserve desserts for one or two nights a week. Try to do a healthy food swap every day; for example, instead of having a glazed donut on your break, have an apple and a handful of peanuts. So yeah, focus on the easy stuff.

Tip #3: You Should Know How Many Calories You Need.
Here’s an unfortunate truth; you may never lose a pound of weight just by “eating healthy. “That is because it is pretty easy to consume way more calories than you need even by eating foods that are pretty healthy. You cannot guess at this stuff. Knowing how many calories you need on a daily basis is critical to the success of any weight loss program. So how do you do this? You use a particular type of calculator.

lose weight

Tip #4: You Should Know the Caloric Value of the Foods

You Eat in addition to knowing how many calories you need daily, you also need to calculate the caloric value of the foods you eat, because if you don’t know this, you guess at your calorie consumption, and if you are guessing, you cannot possibly know whether or not you are maintaining the caloric deficit necessary for weight loss. Luckily there are all sorts of great tools around that will help you find the calorie content of the food you are eating – including some very popular mobile apps.

Tip #5: Portion Sizes, portion sizes.

Portion sizes, weighing and measuring food is a pain in the ass, I will admit it.However, you should do it once in a while, so you understand what a serving looks like. For myself, it is important because I find my meals to tend to creep larger and larger size unless I have a regular reminder. Moreover, that reminder is weighing my servings.

Tip #6: Drink LOTS of Water.

You have heard this several times, and you may not even believe it is true, but drinking water helps – and it helps in 4 different ways.

Tip #7: Don’t Set a Goal!

This tip runs contrary to the recommendations of just about every success coach and self-help guru in the world. Moreover, I understand why goals are recommended; without something specific to set your sights, it is too easy to struggle around, get distracted or discouraged, and quit. The problem is that weight loss is a uniquely personal venture, and it is tough for anyone to set a goal that is both motivational and practical – and by practical I mean something, you can attain. Too often weight loss goals are not practical, which means when we inevitably fail, were more depressed than ever.Moreover, it just contributes to the “I cannot do this.” mindset. So forget this “10 pounds in 30 days.” stuff. Instead, set small manageable daily goals. Things you can achieve.Like drinking your water.Alternatively, replacing a high-calorie snack with something more nutritious. Going for a walk after work. Small attainable goals you can accomplish and feel good about. Small successes build on larger ones!

Tip #8: Do Some Basic Meal Prep

Sticking to the kitchen, making fantastic meals for the week is not what I am talking about. I am speaking about doing a few simple things, so there’s plenty of good food in the fridge to grab when you are in a hurry. Doing stuff like Hard boiling some eggs, etc. If you do this stuff, it ensures that there’s always something healthy to grab as a base for quick meals and snacks. I can tell you that from my experience, food prep makes all the difference. If there’s something ready in the fridge,I make smart choices, no problem.

Tip #9: Forget the High Priced Weight Loss Supplements

Contrary to what some folks will tell you, the best weight loss supplements do offer most dieters some benefit, but in the grand scheme of things, the effects are very subtle, and more often than not, they do not deliver anywhere near close to their promises. So there you have nine tips to losing all the weight you want without setting foot in the gym.

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